What is a Battery Tender or Battery Maintainer?

A battery tender is a low-current battery charger that will maintain battery charge (without overcharging) while vehicle is in extended storage.

Is a battery Tender or Maintainer Necessary?

A batter tender/maintainer is not necessary if you're using the vehicle used regularly...Or at least once a week. Where the battery tender really pays off is in recreation vehicles or vehicles that sit for weeks at a time, making them weak as the stored power slowly drains away.

Requiring re-charging to keep the battery from dying, and to prevent sulfating of the lead plates inside the battery due just sitting, or being used and not had enough time to fully recharge. Prime examples are any vehicle stored for wintertime/summertime, an others that are not used regularly, such as recreational vehicle, jet skis, 4-wheelers, boats, etc...

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Car Battery Charger - Five Reasons Why You Should Own One!

It's easy to see the rationality to why a car battery charger is a fantastic electronic device to have handy. Automobiles trucks, lawn equipment as well as a lot motorized toys have batteries and will need to be charged up. Outdoor conveniences in addition to riding lawn mowers particularly need it due to weekly use. Because nearly all of this equipment doesn't have an on board generator it's up to the operator to recharge the battery if they wish to continue using it.

Not everyone sees precisely how simple it is to get and use their very own hand held car battery tender/charger. These are as a matter of fact relatively easy to use and have. You can buy one that's simply hook-up and turn or one that's more technology advanced one that has a onboard monitoring system and a automatic charging voltages.

Car Battery /Tender Charger - Five Reasons Why You Should Own One!

>>>> 1). You can take them with you wherever you go...
The real great advantage about these sorts of devices is that you actually don't require a set spot for them. Many years ago a individual would place the battery charger on a shelf or parked its big bulky cart inside the garage and that's where it would sit. The newer models can just about be used anywhere you can find an electrical outlet.

>>>> 2). They're small and ultra-light weight...And small enough to fit inside toolboxes or in the glove box of your car. Thanks to more advanced technologies electrical components are a great deal smaller and lot lighter. Chargers only weigh a couple of pounds. As long as there's a plug-in handy, you can commence charging in a matter of minutes. Some are even small enough to fit in your pocket!

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>>>> 3). They're very inexpensive...Applying the same technology that made these portable car battery/tender charger so much lighter and more compact has also made them much cheaper to make. This means producers are making far more for lower costs. Chargers can be found for under $50 and frequently cheaper. All you have to do is look around the internet.

>>>> 4). Having a battery tender is going to give your battery longer life...More sophisticated units can easily maintain the battery keeping it fully charged without out boiling away the electrolyte and consequently potentially damaging the battery. One individual was able to keep the same battery in his for his hobby car for over 10 years simply because of a specialized battery tender charger. How much do you think this will help you save over several years?

>>>> 5). Keep your recreational toys battery fully charged and ready to go...Ever had a spur of the moment thought to take your favorite toy out for a ride on the first nice spring day? If your battery just sat dormant during the winter you may have to charge the battery before you can take it out. Having a battery/tender charger will easily keep your battery up all winter long ready for that first ride of the new year!